About Us

As a parent, it is important to know and understand that as your child grows, they will face some difficult choices and decisions especially when they have to do with alcohol and drugs. To help parents through this challenging and often confusing time, we have created a website to help parents successfully navigate through these difficult subjects.

The first step to successful parenting is communication, and our website helps provide parents with as much information as they need to help communicate with their child about difficult subjects including alcohol and drug abuse.

Our website has informative sections dealing with different subjects, and we provide tips on how to have effective communication with your child to ensure they have the support and confidence they need to help them make the right decisions. Our website also helps parents to establish rules and consequences if those rules are broken.

Alcohol and drug abuse can be difficult subjects to discuss with your child, but they are important conversations to have as you want your child getting their information from you and not from their peers who may not share your same value system.

As a parent, your priority is the safety and well-being of your child, so it is vital to establish good communication with your child from an early age so they will feel safe and confident coming to you to talk about anything including drugs and alcohol.