What To Do If Your Kid Comes Home Drunk

What To Do If Your Kid Comes Home Drunk

All parents fear that when their teen is out on their own that they will make a bad choice that could significantly impact their lives.  One fear of most parents is that their teen will drink excessively and come home drunk.  While it is most likely inevitable that teens will try alcohol and even become drunk, it is important to handle the situation properly.  Listed below are the steps you should take when confronting a drunk teen:

  1. Remain Calm
  2. While it is both frightening and aggravating to see your teen drunk, it is important to stay calm and address the situation adequately.  Becoming angry and yelling at your teen will not help the case it is vital to talk calmly to them and make sure they know you are there to support and help them.  Teens should not be punished when they are drunk, their health and well-being are your priority, and there will be time, later on, to address bad choice and set the consequences of that choice.
  3. What and How Much Did Your Teen Drink

It is vital to find out what alcohol your teen consumed and how much they consumed.  Because your teen may have never had alcohol before their tolerance may be low and even a small amount of alcohol can cause them to become drunk.  If your teen has consumed a large amount of alcohol, they can be at risk for alcohol poisoning, so it is important to monitor them closely and seek medical help if necessary.

1. Rehydrate

Alcohol is a diuretic and can lead to dehydration.  It is important to get your teen to slowly sip water and help their body rehydrate as it will help them feel better. 

2. Keep Teen Awake

One serious health risk associated with drinking alcohol excessively is asphyxiation. Asphyxiation occurs when an individual is suffering from a lack of oxygen that can lead to a loss of consciousness or death.  When an individual has consumed too much alcohol, they can vomit while sleeping leading to asphyxiation.  To keep your teen safe, it is best to try and keep them awake until they have sobered up.

3.Recovery Position

One way to keep your teen safe once they have sobered up and are ready to go to sleep is to make sure they are in the recovery position.  The recovery position refers to placing an individual on their side with one arm extended and the other arm folded with their cheek on the back of their hand; this position ensures that the individual will have an open airway and if they vomit it will not cause asphyxiation.

5.Seek Medical Attention

Be sure to seek medical attention if your teen is experiencing any of the following:

      • Lost Consciousness
      • Incoherent
      • Vomiting
      • Fallen or Sustained Any Other Injuries
      • Combined Alcohol and Drugs
      • If you have any concerns about your teens well being, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

6. Call the Police

Don’t be afraid to call the police.  Individuals (including teens) that are drunk can have violent and unpredictable behaviors.  The police are trained to deal with these situations, and it is always better to seek help before an incident escalates out of control then it is to try and clean it up later.